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WHY LIVE VIDEO is a GAMECHANGER for Your Business in 2019!
  • GET VISIBLE-INTERACT IN REALTIME!Step into your POWER VOICE & build relationships online with live video. It's never been easier. It is the fasted way to gain new connections, GO LIVE as a guest expert, answer Q&As, deliver short trainings, conduct interviews, talk shows and panels.
  • BE THE EXPERT EVEN FOR SMALL LISTAttract your ideal clients and customers by SHOWING UP CONSISTENTLY and establish yourself as an expert in your niche. Build know, like, and trust with your audience which translates into growing your list, leads and sales.
  • DELIVER YOUR MESSAGE LOCAL & GLOBALWhether local or global, take your business local or global without leaving your desk! LIVE VIDEO gets more engagement than any other content,. Become the expert in your niche & have a lot of fun while getting to know your existing clients & customers and meeting new potential ones.
Simple Strategies to Get You Started Quickly!

    ARE YOU NEW TO LIVE VIDEO? We've got you covered. Easy step by step directions to get you going. Learn the best platforms that deliver a pro-like Live Video that you can repurpose on your website, YouTube, and soon LinkedIN to conduct face to face interviews, share your screen for teaching live and demonstrating your products.


    NOT SURE WHAT CONTENT TO CREATE? Step by Step instructions in learning "What To Say & How To Say It" from a heart felt authentic place without all the fears you may have at the moment. We provide fill in the blank templates for your Live Videos to get you started.


    ARE YOU NOT TECH SAVVY? Our program takes you from never having done Facebook Live before to being comfortable with Tech, and NOT having to worry about it again. We'll recommend affordable equipment for your camera, microphone and lighting needs to fit your budget. Troubleshoot your connection issues and work out your tech bugs.


    ARE YOU AFRAID YOU'RE JUST GOING TO FREEZE ON CAMERA? I get it... Stagefright is real and many of us started out that way. We've helped our clients and students get past it and you can get there too. We have special techniques that help you gain confidence, if you commit to showing up. Don't Wait for Ready. Become a sought after expert in your industry. Watch your confidence soar.

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    Yehudit Steinberg M.Ed.; Live Video Coach
    • Hi and Thank You for stopping by... My name is Yehudit Steinberg M.Ed., the owner & instructor of TGL Media, a digital media company that specializes in mentoring & instructing women entrepreneurs building second act businesses, how to grow your dream semi-retirement business with the POWER OF L I V E VIDEO on Facebook, Youtube and now LinkedIn Live. Yehudit has her Masters Of Education in Adult Learning & Curriculum Design from NCSU in Raleigh NC.

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    What Clients Are Saying
    • Adele Sciortino, Figurative Artist, Montreal CA

      I wanted to learn more about video live streaming and then I discovered Yehudit Steinberg, FBLive Media Lab. I was feeling overwhelmed with all the platforms and unsure what was the best equipment to use to get the job done. She was a dream to work with, very informative and knowledgeable on how to deliver the best live stream on different platforms and also offered economical ways to do it without breaking the bank. With her encouragement she opened up a new world to “going live” and I feel more confident doing videos now. She is always ready to answer any questions and guide you in the right direction. I highly recommend her courses whether you are a beginner or advance live streamer.

    • Renee Braithwaite Social Media Coach, Abu Dabi

      Before I took your live program I was stuck on the technical pieces of FBLIve, especially using my phone to go live. I had small roadblocks that you quickly helped me solve like, How your phone should be. I’m not a technical person and you helped to sort out my technical problems, lighting, whether I should hold the phone in portrait or landscape mode….. and then the going live itself. It’s a bit of an art and it takes encouragement especially at first, just to know that others are there to support you. Your FBLive Media Lab helped give me a place to practice and be with other ladies learning these skills. it’s good to be in a community that allows you to where you feel supportive and I did feel very supportive in your community. A lot of the women are amazing. And they were all striving for more, which I really like being in that type of community!